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The Warmth

Nature can send us a big hug, protecting us from cold and extremities.

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The Vision

Nature clears our path by its natural light – a guidance anyone can receive during the darkest nights.

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The Memories

Nature resonates the past, our memories. At some point, it may seem to tell us that going back is okay.

A Community Style of Living

Have you ever wondered why we love the European villages and hamlets so much, yet rarely design subdivisions in those more clustered patterns? There is an emerging movement within architecture and urban design calling for a return to the scale, proportion and feel of these traditional communities. It is called Traditional Neighbourhood Design or New Urbanism. Increasingly, new towns are being designed according to principles of walkability, mixes of uses, and buildings fronting onto central pedestrian areas or community green spaces.

Not only do these communities look great, but studies show that physical proximity of homes, shops, and businesses creates more face-to-face interaction within a community, and face-to-face interaction is directly correlated to higher levels of social and mental health. Privacy is still provided in the backyards and overlooking large areas of private wild forest, but community exists for all who wish, right out the front door. In the Midland areas, there will also be larger acreages for those who want to spread out a bit. But all residents whether in the hamlets or the Midlands area will have access to additional garden plots for food production.

Home Garden, Home Decor and the Alternatives – Living a Life that’s close to nature is really simple!

Welcome to our site. This is made with a simple goal to encourage everyone to live a simple life. In today’s world, most of us are bound (and pressured) to give life’s demands, forgetting the real meaning of doing it. We have to set some boundaries, and nature will always remind us going back from scratch. We need to take a break. That’s where Elkington Forest can help. You can be guided or you can be on your own. Real property ownership interest is also an open possibility. Better experience it first then life again moves on…

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Be inspired by nature. Be informed on how simple it is to incorporate the organic living and lifestyle through these articles that will teach you helpful tips.

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