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Tips on Properly Furnishing and Decorating a House

Creating a homey atmosphere does not mean filling it with so much stuff that it becomes cluttered. Properly furnishing and decorating a house seeks to find just the right balance between an empty house and one filled with clutter. The right mix of furniture, wall hangings, and plants can help provide that balance.

The first place to start is with your existing furniture. If it’s been several years since you’ve purchased a new sofa set, it may be time to throw out the old and bring in the new. Our tendency is to grow more and more comfortable, one day at a time, with the furniture we have now, not realizing that it is wearing out, one day at a time.

If your furniture is old, move it to the basement, give it to charity, or throw it out. Don’t stop there either. Select some decorative lamps and end tables to go with the new furniture as well in order to really dress up your home.

Once the new furniture is in place, it’s time to complement it with various types of wall hanging. All kinds of beautiful pieces are available including wall sconces, artwork, family pictures, and decorative clocks. Be patient and take your time when shopping for these pieces. Don’t settle for the first cheap piece of framed artwork you see. Instead, make it your mission to find the piece or pieces that will enhance the beauty of the new furniture you just purchased.

Finally, you can really add color and life to a room by placing potted plants in strange locations throughout your house. With so many realistic, artificial plants available, you don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy plants in your home. Not only do pants add color to a room, but they also help to balance the way it looks and feels. To properly balance a room, plants should be evenly placed in the room where it is devoid of furniture.

For example, an empty space in the corner between the couch and the love seat is a good place for a plant. Part of properly balancing plants in a room includes ensuring that they are the right height. A couch that is only waist high, for example, and that has a six-foot tall armoire beside it should be balanced by placing a plant in between the two that is taller than the couch and shorter than the armoire. Rather than going overboard by using too many plants, be selective in their placement.

The proper balance of furnishings, plants, and d├ęcor can help freshen up any home and help homeowners to feel good about what they are seeing.

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