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Turn Your Home into a Botanical Wonderland: How to Grow an Easy Indoor Garden

Living in a city has many benefits, but gardening is not necessarily one of them because there is so much less green space in a city dwelling. This is particularly true if you live in an apartment. That does not mean that you should give up your dream of an urban garden, even if it means you must bring your outdoor pleasures to the indoors of your home. Likewise, the wintertime anywhere is not typically conducive to gardening. Whether you are living in the city, or simply frozen out of your garden, there are plenty of indoor plants that don’t require an intense amount of care for you to create a full and rich garden space in your home in the winter or year round.

First, what you want to remember is that low light plants are a must. There are numbers of them, and they make it possible to put your little garden in any room where there is a window. This frees you from having to get and install grow lights in your home. Grow lights will spike your utilities and be an added expense when you’re at the plant store picking out your new companions. You can grow a rich and lush garden indoors with a rack and some plants from Home Depot, or whatever garden center you may choose.

You will need a table or a set of shelves to set your plants on. You can get hanging baskets to hang from the ceiling with hooks, but this if you are not going to hang them, they will need a place to rest where you can see them and water them without having to do acrobatic moves. A set of shelves with open spaces between them will work nicely, but as your plants become bigger and fuller, there will be a need for you to move them somewhere that is more spacious to meet their growing needs. This will happen with different plants over different intervals of time. For example, an air plant will grow lush and long within a few months, but a cactus will take much more time to grow significantly.

Here are some excellent choices for low light, indoor winter gardens or year round urban gardens.

Bulbs are an exciting choice, but they are not always perennial plants that will last more than a few months. Bulbs come either boxed or potted and ready to grow. You will not want to put these plants on a shelf with something covering the top because the stalks will grow tall and you don’t want anything blocking the growth of these beautiful plants. Plant these with the top sticking up above the soil in a rich potting soil. Cut them back when the leaves begin to yellow. You will need to use a heavy pot so that the plant can grow up tall without knocking over the pot. You can force spring blooms to grow all year by putting them in the refrigerator for a few months prior to planting because they will think that they’ve been through a winter and that the spring has come when they come into a warmer indoor environment. The Amaryllis and Paper White Narcissus bulbs do not need to be chilled prior to planting, so these are the two you should select because chilling is a long process that lasts roughly fifteen weeks.

The Amaryllis Bulb is a wonderful and lovely flowering bulb plant that you can turn into a perennial by adding a little fertilizer to the soil once a week. These bulbs have giant trumpet shaped flowers in a variety of colors.

The Paper White Narcissus Bulb is an extremely aromatic plant that can be potted in a bowl of rocks if you want to try something different. You will need to push the bulbs down far enough to keep the bulbs in an upright position. You can use marbles, colored stones, or even soil if you prefer. It has a pungent fragrance and delicate white blossoms. You will not be able to replant these indoors, but they are truly delightful while they are in bloom, making it worth your time and expense to plant them all winter long. If you have an outdoor garden in the warmer seasons, you can replant these outside, but it will take two to three years to get them to bloom again.

Spider Plants make great starter houseplants because they thrive so easily in indoor environments. You can grow a spider plant in the house all year round as long as you repot when it gets too big for the container it was previously potted in. Spider plants shoot off baby spider plants from their leaves. This means they are best potted in hanging baskets or containers in spaces that have room for their baby plants to grow freely. They are lovely with long slender leaves and a lush fullness. These plants don’t like wet soil or cold windows, so don’t over water or leave them in cold windows at night. They do well if they are fertilized once a week and placed in a sunny window once or twice a week.

Rubber plants are an excellent selection for indoor gardening. They can grow up to six to ten feet if they have enough space indoors. They are easily maintained with regular watering. You should let the soil dry out in between watering. These plants like sunny spots, but they will easily adapt to low light environment. These plants grow tall and lanky, so you should stake them with a stick for support.

With these suggestions, you will not need grow lights or a lot of special equipment to create a wonderful indoor winter garden or the year round urban garden.

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